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Well, the day has arrived. We are officially bloggers.

Welcome to our blog site, 2fishoutofwater.

Firstly, the introductions. I am a 27 year old electrical engineer from Sydney, Australia, fish number one of this duo. My other aquatic associate is my partner, a 27 year old mechanical engineer also from Sydney, fish number two. (Disclaimer: To avoid the wrath of my darling girlfriend I should note that this is not a hierarchical numbering system).

So why the oceanographic theme you may ask? Well this blog was created to document, among other things, our shared common interest in the underwater environment. We are avid scuba divers and snorkelers and enthusiasts of all things even slightly damp.

We shall be posting a variety of information including:

  • Records of our diving/snorkeling adventures, both local and international.
  • Videos and photos of these adventures
  • Personal opinions on general ocean-related topics such as unsustainable fishing practices
  • Aquatic equipment reviews including: underwater camera equipment, diving equipment.
  • Anything else we can possibly think of that might inform and entertain readers.

I hope any of you that have stumbled upon our blog find its contents interesting and feel free to comment.
Fish Number 1