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Officially its spring but that doesnt change the fact that its still bloody freezing. As such any water incursions require some pretty strong exposure protection and unfortunately a certain australian wetsuit company has screwed up our order. So both of us are land based at least till monday.

So, as we cannot in the short term fill your aquatic needs, this seems like a good time to let you know what we are currently working with.

We both have the same camera and housing setup which is:

Camera: Canon SD980IS/IXUS 200IS

Or if that doesnt do it for you, heres another picture with a transvestite prostitute that fell face first into a makeup counter

and here are some koreans who look far too excited about it

Camera Case: Ikelite Housing #6240.98 (imaginative product label)

The total price for these goodies was AUD$500 which is pretty cheap for a HD filming good quality underwater camera setup.

Fish Number 1